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What to do with the condensation water?
A fundamental task when planning a supermarket concerns the layout of the waste water connections for the condensation water produced by the refrigeration and deep freeze equipment. Today, it is standard procedure to have the coolants and energy supply come from the ceiling. Thanks to the characteristics of vacuum drainage systems it is also possible to install the waste water disposal system under the ceiling. The technology incorporated into the Vacusatec wastewater collection unit for refrigeration and deep freeze equipment makes it possible to lift the waste water through a distance of up to 5 metres.

The high costs of freefall drainage in the floor plate no longer apply.

The ideal solution for all new buildings and renovation projects. Flexible connection possibilities and adaptable to all types of installation. New layouts in existing areas can be constructed without any major structural changes.

Naturally it is possible to connect additional sanitary facilities, for example for customers and/or employees, to the Vacusatec vacuum sanitary technology at any time. The contactless toilet flushing system also ensures maximum hygiene in your sanitary rooms.

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